Life is all about love! We, as your parents and through oodles amounts of love, want to document your lives. I hope this will serve as a reminder of the small things in life that make up the big picture. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy life's simple treasures. YOU ARE LOVED!

Dear Sweet Pea &Bumble Bee

Every Day is an Adventure!!

Dear Sweet Pea and Bumble Bee:

There is something so very delightful about kids in Pj’s!  It makes my heart sing! For me, Pj’s with footsies and a zip up front are the essence of a childhood.  

Seeing my two babies (okay I know Madden is a “big boy” now, but he will always be my baby) all Pj’d up just really gets me happy.  I am so thankful for you two (and your dad).  

This is a quick cell phone photo, but it really captures a snippet of your childhood.  Both of my babies, all snuggly and cute.  

I love you to the moon and back!


Dear Bumble Bee:

Here are your week 19 photos!  

I love this stage!  You are so alert and starting to tune into the world. You express yourself with your beautiful smile (or cry, but we will focus on the positive) and your arms.  You can flail with excitement like non other sweetness!  

You know your routine and have accepted that yes we will in fact go on our nightly walk whether you want to sit in the stroller or not.  This is life! 

Moving you into your own room has been a rather smooth transition. You are such a champ!  I’m still getting up a few times a night to feed you, I love that time.  It’s just you and me sitting in your beautiful room.  We are half in a dream daze, but I adore these minutes as we snuggle up to one another. I can here you from my room.  I’m in tune with you.  Perhaps its from the confidence of having done this with your big brother and knowing mothers have some sort of magical hearing that allows them to hear their children’s slightest whimper.  

You were starting to sit up more this week.  You are strong and beautiful darling.  Remember those words, they will be applicable to the rest of your life!

Oh I love you and adore you!



Dear Sweet Pea and Bumble Bee:

The entire reason we went to California was to spend time with our family and celebrate Eli’s Bar-mitzvah. 

So inbetween car trips, Disneyland, and mermaid parties we were relaxing and playing with our family. You spell love: T.I.M.E.  

Kirk, Tora, Eli, Rebekah, and David are some of our favorite family members! It was wonderful to nerf gun each other, take rides on a skateboard, and enjoy each others unique sense of humor. 



Dear Sweet Pea and Bumble Bee:

The Mermaid Party That Wasn’t

I wanted to have a mermaid party on the beach for my birthday celebration.  I turned 31, but this mama likes to celebrate anything and everything in life!  Never too old to have a themed birthday, never too old!

Your aunties made me the coolest tail from cardboard and made Madden a little trident outfit.  I got Monroe a mermaid crochet outfit.  We were prepared, or so I thought.

I came with plenty of buckets, shovels, towels, and a shade umbrella.  We were going to sit, relax and play!

Instead once we were in the car and heading to the beach I realized I forgot Monroe’s Crochet outfit back in Phoenix.  I cried.  How could I do that!?  Why couldn’t I forget anything else?  We could have purchased any other item…

I wiped my tears.  This was not going to bring me down!

We played on the beach for a good 30 min.  We built a sand castle.  Your aunties made an awesome mermaid out of sand.  We played with seaweed.  Then Madden got sand in his eye…

That was that.  He wanted to go and we knew this by his wailing and buckets of tears.  He kept his eyes shit and refused to open them for a good 2 hours.  He just cried and cried (which was probably a good thing-helped the sand get out).

So we will have a mermaid party take 2 in the very near future.  Only this time it will take place in a volleyball pit or a playground…or someplace that has sand:) I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sand will stay out of the eyes of my children.  

Such is life!  Even though it didn’t turn out as planned, we still made memories!  Sometimes it takes things going wrong to make a story an adventure.

Remember the time we didn’t have a mermaid party…

This was also Monroe’s first time to the beach.  She dipped those chunky adorable toes into the Pacific and got a taste of salt water (we got smacked with a wave).  



Dear Sweet Pea and Bumble Bee:

You two really were to little for Disneyland, but since we were going to California we knew we just had to go.  Complete with adorable outfits and the entire family we hit Disneyland with a smart family barrage of energy!


  • Monroe pulled Eli’s soup tray and dumped his food all over the ground.  Luckily the happiest place on earth gave him a new soup free of charge
  • Maddens smile when we went on the tea cups for the first time will forever be seared into my mind.  He was completely ecstatic and happy! The two of us were laughing and smiling with joy the entire ride.  Then we did it 2 more times with Matt.  Then we were really over that ride.
  • Buzz Lightyear was Maddens favorite ride.  We also did that ride 3 times.  That’s what Disneyland is like when you have 2 small children.  They like what they like.
  • Madden was napping while we were on the Pirate of the Caribbean ride.  I didn’t realize that there was a few drops, neither did your dad!  He screamed and woe Madden up.  Unlike how I would have reacted if I woke up from a screaming dad, a dropping sensation, and Pirates all around, Madden was grinning ear to ear. 
  • Madden kissing Mickey Mouses Nose :)

All in all it was a wonderful first expernience.  You two were super troopers .  It was a long, hot, day and by the time we left you still had smiles on your faces.



Dear Sweet Pea and Bumble Bee

Our road trip to California went so well!  Seriously, an 9 hour road trip with a toddler and an infant could be a parents worst nightmare! 

You two were angels!  I came prepared with a pulley system (thank you pinterest). THIS WAS BRILLIANT!!!  I had all of the snacks and toys up front with me and then would pass them back to Madden one at a time as needed.  I would yell “bucket coming back!”  and he would yell back “ok, mama!”.  The pulley consisted of a rope, and a bucket from the dollar bins at target,  I tied it from the passenger hand rail to the back seat driver side hand rail. The toddler pulley is the way to go for road trips!

Mickey Mouse was our car mascot for the trip since we were headed to Disneyland the next Day. Madden wore his Mickey Mouse polo (Thanks Nana) and Monroe wore wore a sweet Minnie Mouse onesie (thanks Bonnice family)!  We had Mickey and Minnie Mouse lunch boxes, Mickey shaped cookies, mickey ice cubes, Disney themed music (over and over and over and over again). 

We took lots of breaks and enjoyed the trip instead of rushing there.  It also happened to be my 31st birthday spending it with my family while going on an adventure was oh so perfect!



p.s. I still have no idea how we fit so much crap into a Honda civic!  You’re dad was AMAZING!

Dear Bumble Bee:

There are many fabulous moments being a parent, but moving a little one into their own room and getting them to sleep in a crib is not one of them. 

I think it goes against a mothers intuition.  We are ingrained to keep our babies near and the cry from a wee little one strikes pain into the depth of our hearts.  

But there is a day, and that day came, where a mom wakes up in the morning and realizes that its time. Why, I’m not sure.  Its just a simple understanding and acknowledgment that her baby is strong enough.  

You have been in your own room for a week.  The first night was a little hard, but you did wonderfully for the rest of the week until last night and tonight.  

Right now I am furiously typing because it hurts me so much to hear you cry.  I know this is a process, you are teaching your self to self sooth, but it still hurts.  I thought the second time it would be a little easier and I would have learned that this is only temporary and that in no time you will be sleeping through the night (well, it took your brother 14 months so you still have plenty of time to beat him). However, it seems just as painful as before.  

You won’t remember these days.  I will.  Just know that I love you and sometimes life hurts a little.  I promise it will get easier and once we get past this and you and I get more sleep the household will be better for it!  More fun is to be had!

I love you to the moon and back!


Dear Bumble Bee:

Here are your newest Beatles themed chalk drawings!

This is such a fun project, its something I look forward to each week.  

  1. Rocky Raccoon
  2. The long and winding road
  3. Eleanor Rigby
  4. A Day in the life
  5. The White Album

To see more Beatles themed chalk drawings: 

What will next week be?



Dear Bumble Bee:

Week 18 photos! 

There have been some serious changes in week 18!  You have amazing baby powers and you are able to sit up on your own for a little while.  We are still there to catch you, but generally you give us ample warning because you look like the leaning tower if Pisa. 

You have officially moved into your own room!  I will have more on that in another post, but you are doing really well (way better than your brother did) and the entire house is getting more sleep!  

Your smiling and laughing at silly little things, like sneezing and dogs walking by.  

You experienced your first Monsoon storm and were most defiantly NOT impressed.  

I am totally in love with the little vintage dresses that fit right now.  Most of them were picked up at thrift stores and are paired with adorable little bloomers!  This mama is in baby clothing heaven!

You had your 4 month check up (with shots) and all is well!  More on that in another post.

Keep up the great work!



Dear Sweet Pea

Your 1 second videos from last year!!! We thought we lost these.  These seconds are so very precious to your mamma!Oh sweet memories and what a fabulous way to document life!!!!