Life is all about love! We, as your parents and through oodles amounts of love, want to document your lives. I hope this will serve as a reminder of the small things in life that make up the big picture. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy life's simple treasures. YOU ARE LOVED!

Dear Sweet Pea &Bumble Bee

Every Day is an Adventure!!

Dear Sweet Pea:

3.14 was National Pi day and your aunt Molly decided that we must celebrate that very important day!

She made a scrumptious rhubarb and strawberry pie with a whole lot of love (seriously, she cut our hearts for the crust!).  Then per your uncle Marky’s request we “played” basketball, mostly consisting of watching you pick up the basket ball and toodle around. 

You were born into a family that loves celebration, laughing, and fun!  It  could be way worse little one!!!