Life is all about love! We, as your parents and through oodles amounts of love, want to document your lives. I hope this will serve as a reminder of the small things in life that make up the big picture. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy life's simple treasures. YOU ARE LOVED!

Dear Sweet Pea &Bumble Bee

Every Day is an Adventure!!

Dear Bumble Bee:

Week 35! 

Finally we are measuring up normally!  In 2 days we will be full term and I am so delighted!! As much as I would like to meet you, hold you, and kiss you I know that the longer you stay safely tucked up in my tummy the stronger you will be.   

Every night before bed I think about you.  What will you look like, who you are, and about the adventures we will have.  

I love you sweet baby girl!